The seminar will take place January 25th, 2021 , and will this year be a digital meeting. 

There will be invited speakers, and the program will contain different subjects within mass spectrometry, to showcase the broadness of our field. We would like contributions, both in the form of posters, and of 20 minute talks, som please consider if you would like to participate to the program. We will have a digital poster session, and create a booklet with summaries. Before and after lunch, out great suppliers will show you the best and latest within instruments and equipment. 

Please register as a participant and your contribution by using the meny on the top. 

NSMS holds its General assembly in conjunction with the seminar. The general assembly takes place digitaly. All NSMS members are encouraged to attend and issues to be addressed should be received by the Board no later than 14 days before the meeting.

Enrollment in NSMS can be done by filling out the registration form under the membership pane.