The program of the 18th norwegian seminar in mass spectrotemetry on January 25th 2021 starts at 9:00 and closes at approx. 15:15.

We will have talks from invited speakers: Andreas Thomas (German Sports University), Alexandros Asimakopoulos (NTNU – Trondheim) and Nicholas Warner (NILU – Tromsø). Additionally we have exciting talks from the mass spectrometric community around the country.

Meeting compendium can be downloaded here


9:009:10Meeting opens – Leon Reubsaet
9:109:40New challenges in doping controls – Andreas Thomas
9:4010:00Retrospective screening of new psychoactive substances in data files from forensic post mortem samples analysed by LC-QTOF-MS – Per Ole Gundersen
10:0010:15Digital break
10:1510:35Electromembrane extraction of streptomycin from biological fluids prior to hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry – Frederik Hansen
10:3510:55Automated sample preparation and atmospheric pressure GC-MS/MS as a powerful tool for analysis of legacy POPs in human serum and plasma – Sandra Huber
10:5512:00The last news from our vendors. Short and exciting elevator pitches.
12:0012:45Digital break and poster session
12:4513:15Supercritical fluid and liquid chromatography methods for rapid trace analysis of emerging pollutants and biomolecules – Alexandros Asimakopoulos
13:1513:45Advantages and Challenges in GC-Orbitrap high resolution mass spectrometry for trace analysis of legacy and emerging contaminants – Nicholas Warner
13:4514:00Digital break
14:0014:30An Introduction to the National Network of Advanced Proteomics Infrastructure (NAPI) – Tuula Nieman
14:3014:50Disulfide bond reduction upfront liquid chromatography mass spectrometry for protein analysis – Chistine Olsen

An investigation of reductive CO2 activation by tandem mass spectrometric techniques – Joakim  Samuel Jestilä

15:1015:15Closing remarks – Leon Reubsaet