Georg Hvistendahls Memorial Fund has been established by NSMS in the fall of 1998. The fund is used to support participation in meetings arranged by NSMS and IMSF as well as Nordic MS meetings. Applicants need to be member of NSMS.

For meetings arranged by NSMS (other than the winter meeting), IMSF and the Nordic MS meetings (which are not held in Norway) the application amount is maximal 2500 NOK (up til 10 applications/2 years are granted).The maximal application amount for NSMS its winter meetings is 4500 NOK (up til 10 applications/2 years are granted).

Applications from students/PhD students who contribute scientifically (oral/poster presentation) will be prioritised. 

There is no application deadline for support for meetings arranged by NSMS (other than the winter meeting), IMSF and the Nordic MS meetings (which are not held in Norway)  The application deadline for support for NSMS its winter meeting is november  1st in the calender year before the meeting is held. 

The application needs to sendt to the chairman of NSMS ( and should contain a budget and the amount which will be applied for.


About Georg Hvistendahl (1932-1996)

Norwegian specialist in mass spectrometry. Georg was a skilled professional, educator and respected trustee. He began studying chemistry at a mature age and took a Master in Science in 1971, with a major in chemistry. He quickly gained a solid position in his field. Therefore, immediately after graduation, he was employed by the University of Oslo as a university lecturer and associate professor. In his last years he was a professor.

 His scientific and professional work was characterized by enthusiasm, diligence and accuracy. As so did his teaching. Georg spent much of his time updating and preparing his teaching and always had a positive attitude to colleagues and students. He always took the time to talk to those who sought him, whether they came to seek his competent professional advice or to strike up a chat.

 After almost 25 years as a lecturer in organic mass spectrometry at both the University of Oslo and  several of the country’s other universities, he gathered his experience and knowledge in a textbook intended for the international market. He managed to complete the book and send it to the publisher before he died in 1996. Georg was one of the founders of the Norwegian Society for Mass Spectrometry in 1973, and he spent countless hours working for the Society.


Source: “Minneord om Georg Hvistendahl” from 1996 written by Einar Uggerud